An easy day.

Jessica is at a show this weekend with three ponies, which means I have half of the stalls to clean and half of the hay to fill. (Only six of the horses here are in stalls). It’s always nice having less work, but at the same time, there are three darling faces that I don’t get to see this week. The good news is, she’s having a great show weekend, I hear!

Today was pretty typical. I did my usual chores. I got to hack Bug again, and he was just as excellent. He really is unflappable. Think Jessica will notice if she’s missing the superstar when she comes home? After that I lunged Jackson for 30 minutes with some side reins. He’s not a big fan of keeping his head down, but he did really well in the side reins, the only time he got upset was when Bruce was running with him. Last I hacked Amore, and FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER he didn’t freak out at something. He usually hates cars and surprise noises or even like that bottle that he doesn’t expect to be fifteen feet away, so I tried really hard today to keep him working and paying attention to me the whole time and it worked like a charm! He got a little fussy when one noisy truck came up behind us, but he didn’t jump or look or even do his usual “I’m just going to trot in place because I want you to know I’m upset” thing. It was pretty nice!

Now my day is done and I get to shower and run out to get some dinner. As a side note, I’m dieting, er, trying to keep my eating habits under control. I was really good this week and now I think I deserve some take out and some dessert. YUM.

Happy Saturday!


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