A lesson with Jessica.

On Sunday after Jessica got home from Pine Top she gave me a flat lesson on Dega and an over fences (I mean… over ground poles) lesson on Jackson. I had forgotten how important good eyes on the ground in a private lesson are for your riding. It’s been about three years since I’ve had a solo lesson and oh my god, it was amazing. I didn’t really have any breakthrough moments, but Jessica really helped me break some of the bad habits I’ve developed since being out of work for so long. It’s funny, at one point while I was on Dega, I mentioned to her, “I feel like I’m a better rider now that I was fifteen minutes ago.” And she said pretty flatly, “You ARE a better rider now than you were fifteen minutes ago.” 

I rode on the equestrian team at my school for the past year and a half, and while it was a wonderful experience and I loved every moment, I just didn’t quite get out of riding what I really wanted. My dream is to be an event rider and at school you could either ride on the Hunt Seat team (completely equitation) or the Dressage team, or both I guess, but I can’t really afford that! We trained for IHSA or IDA shows so I was on a different horse every week and in a lesson with five other girls typically. While I got my pony fix, I just didn’t progress in one lesson with five other people the way I can with a one-on-one where I’ve got a steady stream of feedback about every move I make. ASU Eq Team, just want to say I love and miss all of you ladies and congrats on hosting an awesome IDA show this weekend, I saw that it went really well for you guys :] Also, I wear my team hat every time I’m working!

Anyways, it feels really really great to be back in the saddle with an amazing rider helping me. Plus I get to ride horses fancier than I’ll eveeerr be able to afford which ain’t so bad either! Speaking of which, Jessica is taking a few of her in training horses to an event this weekend and not taking Bug which means I get to work the Super Star while she’s away! SAY WHAT!?!? Trust me, you’ll get some pictures of that historic moment!


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