A bit about daily life.

I just made this blog and I’m already slacking on posting. I’m the worst, I know. Sorry :]

Since I never got around to it the first time, I guess I’ll just go into a little detail about what it is I actually do as a “groom girl”. My basic job is to take care of and help work horses for Jessica (usually while she’s away). My day is kind of split into three basic parts, morning feeding, evening feeding and then during the day I usually hack some horses, but how many and what we do kind of depends on what Jessica needs.

Feeding is the same every day, and pretty much exactly what it sounds like. I feed and let horses in or out; I muck stalls, check water tanks, fill haynets, all of that good stuffs. At first it took me fooooreeever to get through my list of chores, but I’m really starting to get in the groove now and I’m starting to get quicker…. thank god.

My favorite part of the job is obviously riding, which I get to do way more than I expected. So far I’ve mostly just been hacking (sometimes four a day). There’s a cemetery a mile down the road that we trek to. I’m pretty horribly out of shape so we’re pretty much just walking most of the time (I am doing a lot of two point to get my leg strength back…. ouch). Also, I get a lesson in here and there with Jessica when she’s got the time which is really amazing. I’ve only had one so far but tomorrow we’re going to have a flat and over fences lesson. Can’t wait!

That’s all for now. I’m going to throw up a few pictures, but I’ll try to post again after my lessons tomorrow (hopefully with a few pictures if Jessica doesn’t mind!).



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